After a no sleep night followed by half sleep flight, I’m in LA! But before checking in I’ve got some work to finish and send off! I’m not even mad because I love what I do so much and it’s also giving me a second […]

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Photo of the day

Soaking up the sun before leaving for northern hemisphere for some colder adventures <3 I can’t believe this place is 100m away from my flat!!! Grateful is an understatement!!! There is not a cloud in the sky and the ocean is so blue!!!

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Christmas trees Australia style!

Taking my Christmas tree down today. I wanted to show you how it looked like for me this year, because I feel like decorating your Christmas tree is personal, but it’s also because I’m a weirdo and I’m proud of mine and wanna share! πŸ˜‚ […]


The little things

I’m so tired! Counting the seconds until my day off, but I’m so excited about this year and this month! This year I’m exchanging a lot of things. Something for something. It’s all about the little things! And here’s a tiny snippet of what makes […]

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Surfing in 2019

I feel like one of my recurring promises to myself monthly – is to surf more. Today I had an epic surf! It was so good! The waves were perfect! I need to do it more often! The ocean is gonna be my friend soon! […]

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This year is the third Christmas I’m not spending at home with my family. First time – I was 17 and I was just passing equator on a sailing boat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Second time – I was in Mermaid Beach […]

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I’m not really that much for thanksgiving, because of what’s the original event that’s being celebrated, But I’m all for a day in the year that we say out loud what we are grateful for! πŸ’• And there are so many things I’m so thankful […]

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