And maybe now it’s time to introduce myself.
I’m Maggie, 25.
Polish, but I’ve been living in UK (Birmingham at the moment) for the last almost 7years.
I’m a fashion photographer and recently finished MA in Visual Communication.

I dedicated my life to the idea of trying to be funny.
And I also talk too much. And not necessarily filter the random bullshit from all the significant stuff,
which is main reason that people have difficulties in listening to me.
I’m not a morning person. At all!!!
I put nail polish on everything, including my phones, cameras etc.
Forget-me-not are my favourite flowers, and it’s just a coincidence, that they grow practically everywhere in UK.
I enjoy walking bare foot and I really wish I could be an Alfa and Omega in everything, and knew all the languages in the world!
I guess I might be too lazy for that.
People don’t trust me because I don’t really like sweets.
When I’m tired and hungry I get really mean. Like really really mean.
I always walk on the right side !
Dancing makes me the happiest. Especially when I hear my beloved 90s tunes !
Also – I’m a walking disaster and will manage to make a fool out of myself on every occasion.
I am the type of person, that doesn’t notice one page on one of the most important exams in life (yea, really happened!)
or falls flat down in front of ENTIRE school at age of 16 (yea, also happened!)
Maybe one day I will fill a book with all of ‘those’ situations.
And I’m quite sure the book would be pretty think by now ; )
Sorry, if I ever embarrassed anyone ! Sorry ! Really !

On this blog I will be trying to write about my personal travels, experiences and the whole planning process.
I don’t have much of it yet, but everybody has to start somewhere right?

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