well… hi

Ok … This is my first blog like this, so be patient : )
I’m starting this -sort of- traveling blog for simple reason, which is a motivation.
Maybe if I will write it into space, not just for myself, I will be systematic, and won’t be lazy about it. Maybe.
Anyway, I booked my tickets to Iceland couple of days ago, and I wanna treat it as a start up.
I know, I’m quarter of a century old (which – luckily for me – some people have hard time believing),
but I just got to the point in my life, when I am no longer scared to travel and explore the world by myself.
I am in my worst and at the same time best time of my life – I just graduated and I’m free to do anything I really want.
That’s the good part. The tricky one is that, now – I have to decide whether I wanna focus on my ‘career’ or I wanna just fuck off somewhere and explore.
And I will do my best to proceed with both. I don’t really have a plan of how to do it, but I will improvise and hope for some luck.

Also, I have to warn you, that my writing will change depending on what type of book I will be reading at the time.
(you know, sort of – if I’m reading Palahniuk – I will be all loose and vulgar; if I’m reading more of girls literature – I will be soft and self-obsessed;
Crime – I will be all suspicious and smart ass … and so on, so on)
So I’m sorry in advance !

So …
I booked my ticket to Iceland for two weeks. I did my research and decided on June/July, but the final decision was caused by very low tickets price ; )
Because I still consider myself a broke student with no full time job. I am a freelancer at the moment, which sometimes I think is worse than anything…
I know my magic date (26.06.2014) so since my budget is almost non existing – I need to plan everything in advance.
I am not a type of person, that plans too much, as – many situations in life taught me that – the more you plan – the more disappointment it may cause.
But this time it is essential.
I need to see as much as I can, have as much fun as I can and actually be able to pay for it not so super much.
Why Iceland ?
Well … It’s in Europe. I wanna start small. I need to see how well I will do with this whole  ‘traveling by myself’ idea, and this is the main reason for the continent choice.
the country – for last year or two I had this name somewhere in the back of my head, and it was just there.
I have been in most of west Europe (you know, Spain, Portugal, France, etc) so I wanted to go north.
And as much as it’s embarrassing to admit, it’s recently quite popular, so it’s a safe choice for such a retard like me (I’m blond in real life … coincidence ; ))

I don’t know where do I start planning the trip …
I will make some steps tomorrow. Probably.
Now – time for the job search.
Yea… I’ll try not to cry in advance …

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