The planning

So I came up with this masterplan for Iceland ! I keep on reading about it and my brain is probably gonna explode quite soon. I’ve decided to stay in Reykjavik 5-7 days and then travel into the island. I read on the internet, that I pretty much need to hurry up if I wanna book anything, because the spaces go fast ! It bloody got me stressed ! Because I don’t know what am I doing and who am I doing it with.
Anyway – the budget… I mean the annoying part of the trip ; ) So I need to find some people to share the car rental with! And to go hiking with etc. And I got this idea of forums! I need to start existing on them pretty quick. And the best one is the Lonely Planet! (as far as my research goes)
So all excited I read almost the entire forum about Iceland and I was just about to post something, but they were changing servers so the whole thing went down for couple of days. I almost cried as I was just so proud of myself for finding this haha !
But it’s back today and I made my first post on traveling forum! It’s like loosing virginity. And now I’m really really hoping that someone will reply!

Also – in other news – I won a week of a surf school on Fuerteventura ! I couldn’t be more excited ! I’m probably gonna go sometime at the beginning of September, I can’t wait !
(there will be couple of posts about Fuerteventura on this blog, but later)
It’s funny, because I am basically terrified of diving in water. It’s all fun until my head goes under it, then I panic. Yea, I’m fucking 25 years old and I’m scared of water… It’s pathetic enough, so I’ve tried doing many things to beat it. I went surfing in UK two times (once in FEBRUARY !!!!) and I am trying my best as it’s annoying and embarrassing. So the surfschool is just perfect !!!

I need to back to work, besides I don’t really make any sense today. Although is an amazing day and I’m really happy and also very excited and also this weekend is gonna be amazing and also I need to shut up, sorry for being boring! xx

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