I just wanna say that I hate packing for couple of reasons…
*I’m a woman, so I never know what to take!
*I have this rule, that I always love to come back to clean and fresh spaces, so I’ve been cleaning and washing and cleaning and washing the entire afternoon!
*I always have that little fear inside of my head, that I forgot something very significant!
*If it’s a morning flight, I usually don’t sleep, so I won’t miss it, which is good an bad. Good, because it takes me 3 minutes to pass out in a plane and I sleep over most of the flight. Bad, because I get to the destination feeling and looking like a washed up cloth.

Anyway, I’m tired already, but excited!
I’m looking forward to Easter with my fam! <3 and long runs in the woods, since recently I can be described as a one big ball of stress and I really really need it!

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