From the above

Soooo, I never really thought about it, but every city looks so much different from above.
That’s why I’m totally starting a new tradition. I’m gonna take pictures when landing anywhere and I’ll post it here!
Even if it might be boring for those of you, who flight frequently and who have seen many beautiful things, and you clearly won’t be satisfied with some clouds vs buildings pictures. I don’t care, because little things may be pretty too! They just need to be discovered again.

So …
Ladies and gents – I present to you
Gdansk, Poland, From the above






As you can see – the city is located by the sea. Also the old buildings are made of red bricks. I quite enjoyed this view very early in the morning. I hope you’ll too!

Also I also take a great pleasure in logging into the Internet straight after landing. I’m not gonna lie – I am an internet person and I wouldn’t be able to exists without it. (I would easily tho – once put in a jungle or something ; ))
I was quite popular that morning haha

Oh god. Maybe I should run for a president haha!

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