Theatre and being a little child again

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I went to a theatre the first night I came back home. I can’t remember the last time that I saw a live play, which is sad, as I used to play in theatre when I was younger! And actually it was the same one.
I went to see Molier’s ‘Le Malade imaginaire’. Oh, I laughed so hard! I really needed it!

Also, you all know that it’s always a big sort of look back to the past – every time when you’re at your parents house.
My room is still intact. I love it. At some point I will probably post some pictures of it. I am still proud of how I painted it!
Anyway, it might sound lame, but for my 25th bday as a present – I got my stuffed animal from my childhood all repaired! I mean come on! How cute and amazing is that! To feel like a child again! Check it out!


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