Iceland – Laugavegurinn

So … The Iceland thingy is slowly falling into place.
I am staying in Reykjavik for one night,
then I am traveling around with my Canadians for the weekend,
and then …
Exactly. I have decided (I don’t know which dates exactly just yet)
but I will go hiking for couple of days.
I am not an experienced hiker, at all. And to go and hike by myself for couple of days is shitless scary for me !
(Like that ever stopped me from doing something …)
Anyway, obviously, I chose the easiest, most popular trail called Laugavegurinn.
I researched it briefly and as it turns out – there will be up to 100 people a day hiking this trail,
it is 55km long and it’s doable in 4 days.
The more I’m reading about it – the more scared I am.
Slightly pathetic, but who cares !
So … I need equipment .
Like a tent for example. Very light small tent.
And all the clothes. Hassle !
And with such a non existing budget, I should probably start selling out everything I own …
Like my soul : D
Ok, lame jokes aside,
I need to physically prepare.
Training has seriously started over the Easter.
But long way ahead.
(Who could have thought, that I am actually going to Iceland for a holiday and relax and peace of mind?!)

There is a sort of a map-ish picture,
to give me a brief idea, of how the hike’s gonna look like:

You know what actually makes me the happiest about it ?
The fact, that there will be a couple of those streams, that have no bridges and you just have to walk through them barefoot.
I could spent my life walking barefoot. (despite the fact, that my feet are actually ugly haha ! )

I am so excited about this little Icelandic adventure of mine,
but it gets more complicated everyday, and needs more and more preparation.
I hope my tiny little blond mind can comprehend everything step by step and not screw it up!
Well, we’ll see when the time comes.

2 replies to “Iceland – Laugavegurinn

  1. The hike sounds amazing! Good luck with it! (I think I might research this hike for my own trip to Iceland :) )

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