Iceland Days 1-2

As you see – the ‘couple of days’ have taken me much more than I expected !
A lot of things have been going on recently, so I do apologise for fake promises (and I’m pretty much apologising myself, as I don’t think anybody reads this : p)
Anyway… Let’s start slowly step by step. So I will be able to share details from this amazing trip to Iceland, which turned out to be one of the experiences that is about to turn my life upside down. But I’ll get back to it later.

Now ….

Day 1 ….

You know, I always promise to myself, that I will never spend the night at the airport again, that I will just catch the night bus, so I will be able to get some sleep and so on, so on.
Guess what… not only I started my journey at 8pm the day before, my plane was 12 hours later and of course I did it to save some money.
As a result I sat at the Bristol airport for the entire night trying not to fall asleep (since this is one of the perks of travelling alone – you need to watch out for your stuff. And I was robbed badly one year, that I am definitely too cautious now).
Yet, I still fucking managed to almost miss my plane. (does it happen to anyone else?! Please, say Yes! : /)
Anyway, the worst part about the airport all-nighters is the fact, that when you get to your destination – you are completely useless as a person and as a traveller. Well – then again – that was a shit idea!
So I was able to get to my dorm at the hostel after 2pm, so I just zombied out on a sofa in the hostels lounge, then got to my room to have a power nap and get back to the living and breathing side again !
That was, when the first surprise happened! I didn’t know what time it was, when I woke up, but I opened the curtains. Yet, I still didn’t know what time it was, because it was still daylight outside. I was absolutely amazed, as it was the first time in my life, that I experienced the northern day. I love it love it love it!
It was beautiful, because I rolled out the hostel to walk around the town a bit and it didn’t matter that it was after 9pm!
I am one of the shitty people who don’t really research too much about cities that they are going to visit. I bought a Lonely Planet guide, which I didn’t even have time to read and the bits I have – were about the multi-day hike and the golden circle. (Btw the Lonely Planet guide was the best thing that happened to me ! It was my first but most definitely not the last one!!)
So I explored the city a bit and you are about to see what I found, as I will let my pictures speak for themselves.

Also – funny thing – because it was bright outside and my tiny little blond brain didn’t seem to comprehend the fact that I didn’t mean that it was early – I ended up not having any food, so I rolled into THE MOST EXPENSSIVE (that I was just about to find out) super market and bought myself crazy 2% strong beer and some snacks which cost me literally my weekly shopping here in Birmingham. Well … You live you learn. Also I was super surprised that the only beers on the shelves cannot be stronger than 2%. And the only place that you can buy alcohol in Iceland is government owned called VINBUDIN. (and of course it’s opened in certain hours, so if you want any alcohol, there is no space to be spontaneous about it! You better make up your mind earlier, if you don’t wanna spend a fortune in pubs and bars)
Ok, pictures timeeeeee : ) (the pictures are from two days in Reykjavik, when I was rolling around the city with some people that I met on the way).
And some of them are taken with my phone and some of them with my camera. (I will not apologise for my selfies haha! )

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