Big Plans

As I mentioned before – Iceland triggered something inside, that cannot be taken back. I am no longer scared of travelling alone. I know, that Iceland is literally the safest country to go to, but as they say – go big or go home … so …

My plan for the next year is to travel around the world. By myself.
(also – it was my Fathers idea – you know, to give him credit ; ))
I am tired of waiting for anybody to make a decision and being fed by fake promises of ‘yea, we will go there soon’ (which ‘soon’ apparently never happens).
I am doing it by myself for myself. I have no idea how it’s gonna work out and where it will take me. My plan is to have no plan ; ) (or at least not so strict one)
So as of now – I will be boring you with all the preparation stuff and all the fears and concerns.
I have absolutely no experience in travelling alone and I barely left my lovely European continent.
And yes – I am literally shitting myself.
But if you wanna see how my preping is going – next couple of days will be crucial, as I am leaving in two days !!!!!!
Keep your eyes peeled ; )

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