Iceland – Golden Circle and beyond – Part I

Next part of my Iceland trip started with me literally ‘hanging’ from the night before. I think I might need separate post to describe the night life in Iceland, that I heard so much about, but only when I experienced it I know – it wasn’t exaggerated !
Anyway, next morning I was meeting my lovely Canadians – to drive around the Golden Circle and – as it turned out – I ‘little bit’ further!
I was a little bit stressed, because that was the first time when I travelled with people, that I found on the internet, but I could not have asked for better company !!!! : )
Our drive around took only 2 days, but I felt like we saw worth of week sightseeing landscapes and places!
I will try to put it on the map as accurate as I can, but please forgive me if I will mess something up!
For a second there – I wanted to describe everything what it is, how it is etc, but you can find it by yourself on the Internet, in many guides. I will write how I felt about it and what impression it had on me, so keep in mind – everything I write is subjective : p

I am a lousy traveller. Seriously! I am so far away from a person who plans everything and checks everything weeks before going. Complete opposite from a control freak! It doesn’t mean, that I don’t go to places etc! But it just changes the process of finding out and discovering. I just have this stupid rule – that the more you expect – the more disappointed you get. So when I get somewhere, I ask around – where is worth going and I collect my information without having the visuals in my head (of seeing the overedited photos on the Internet), and just go with the flow. It has it’s pros and cons, but I’m fairly happy with it so far! Also this time I got lucky, that I was travelling with others, who did their research.

Here’s a little map to give you a basic idea of where we went:

golden circle map

First stop – Þingvellir
When I found out the rock ‘wall’ is the place, where ‘The Wall’ from Game of Thrones was filmed, I started taking unimaginable amount of selfies, which I’m obviously not embarrassed about …
As the hangover started wearing off, I started to be able to actually appreciate the landscapes and the breathtaking beauty around!
Also it is a perfect place for snorkelling, but for me it was a little bit too pricey (Although it was priceless to look at all the people jumping into the freezing water !! Insane!)

DSC_0137 copy
DSC_0160 copy

DSC_0165 copy
DSC_0162 copy
DSC_0166 copy
DSC_0145 copy

DSC_0150 copy

Next stop – The Geysir.

Well, I must admit, It was quite something to see those little holes in the ground with water of a temperature of 90-100 degrees (it was my first ever experience with geysirs), but the further we were getting, the more people were there! It was very strange, because people instead of looking at things with their own eyes, were watching everything through the camera views. But not long later I caught myself doing the same. We were all trying to catch the Big Geysir exploding! I don’t know where this strange desire to catch it on the film comes from, but it was like a spell! I don’t have a picture of people standing around with their cameras in sort of stillness and tension and excitement, but you can try to imagine it! I took a great pride in trying to predict when the hole in the ground will explode and being actually right (it wasn’t very hard tho ;))
I think the second best thing was to watch people who were standing just by it – be splashed with crazy amounts of water from the Geysir and getting soaking wet! Like … what did you expect really? I know, I shouldn’t, but I laughed a little.
So … First ever geysir – a top experience for me ! : )
(I have only one picture and it’s a picture of me : p, because I was filming and then my camera died.
google it, and you can get the idea of how it looks like ! : ) )

DSC_0201 copy

Next stop – Gullfoss

This is the biggest and the most significant waterfall I have ever seen in my life ! It looked huge from far away, but when coming closer to it, it was something so terrifying and at the same time absolutely wonderful. I don’t know, I am generally scared of water, so it was like a double experience for me, as I was amazed and shitting myself all at once ; )

DSC_0217 copy
DSC_0230 copy
DSC_0232 copy
DSC_0266 copy

DSC_0300 copy

Next stop – Seljalandsfoss

I am not much of a waterfalls expert. In Poland, there are not many of them – if yes – mainly in mountains, which is crazy far away from where I grew up.
Also, England is not that much of a waterfall capital either…
So for me – seeing a row of not so heavy, but hight waterfalls was something exciting and quite new! This one had a permanent rainbow on the side … like PERMANENT rainbow! It was so Disney, I almost cried ; )
The weather that day was absolutely fantastic and there was no cloud on the sky! So we could see the grass so green, it was hurting your eyes, the water falling from the rocks with reflections of the sun in it ! It was gorgeous !
We were able to also get behind the waterfall and it felt very fresh to see it from the other point of view!

DSC_0033 copy
DSC_0040 copy
DSC_0043 copy
DSC_0052 copy
DSC_0059 copy
DSC_0056 copy

DSC_0069Waterfall Selfie : )

DSC_0096 copy
DSC_0076 copy


It was located at the end of the ‘row’, but the catch with this one was that it was kinda hidden and you had to go through relatively small hole and a bit of water to get there. But it was completely worth it ! The cave was so magical and I felt like I was in some sort of adventurous movie!

DSC_0106 copy
DSC_0108 copy
DSC_0130 copy
DSC_0121 copy

Next stop – Skogafoss

What I already knew I love about Iceland by that point was the fact, that you can get very close to the nature. Like the infrastucture for tourists doesn’t limit you from experiencing the things as much as you can! (I think I just got used to the whole ‘health and safety’ in UK, that for me is almost wrong, that I could literally walk into a waterfall and nobody would stop me, because I’m in charge of my own behaviour and if something happens – it’s on me! I missed this ; )

Anyway – Skogafoss was one of those : ) So I got very wet trying to get closer and closer! Totally worth btw !
But I have to admit, we were soaking wet and put the heating on full power in the car hahaha ! So much of the badass explorers ; )
DSC_0182 copy
DSC_0198 copy
DSC_0201 copy
DSC_0202 copyWaterfall Selfie II

Last stop of the day – Vik

A city. Yes, an actual city ! ; ) (since there are not that many in Iceland)
But obviously we were interested in other parts that the civilised ones. We stayed in ‘International Hostel’, and I was allowed to stay in the room. (Quick explanation – there were no spaces left when I was trying to book it and my fellow travellers had a room booked in there. I was soooo cold and the perspective of putting my tent up outside was not my dream at the time, but Kaila and Denise (bug bug kisses if you’re reading this ! ; )) allowed me to stay with them in the room, and there was even a mattress to sleep on the floor! HEAVEN !)
One of the things I learned about Iceland just then … – You always take your shoes of when getting inside. Rule.
At midnight we went to the ‘black beach’ to search for some Puffins. And guess what ! We found one! Unfortunately it was very high up, so the picture is bit blurry. But it’s another thick on the list ‘to do in Iceland’ – see the Puffin ; )

We climbed on some rocks and passed some big stones, but had to run away as the tide got high and almost cut us off! Excitinggg ! ; )
And of course it was bright outside, even if it was ling after midnight!

DSC_0228 copy
DSC_0280 copy
DSC_0234 copy
DSC_0230 copy
DSC_0247 copy
DSC_0235 copy

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