Iceland Roadtrip Part II

Vik turned out to be super green and sunny next day when we woke up, so we went for a little walk to the ‘black beach’ again.

Because girls only had one day left in Iceland, we had to be back to Reykjavik that day. The plan was to drive around for a little bit and stop in any places interesting for us and in the afternoon to go to the Blue Lagoon. But we were so so close to the Vatnajökull National Park, we decided to do our best to get to the Jökulsárlón. It is a glacier lake, that looked amazing on the pictures, so we decided to give it a try.

DSC_0293 copy
DSC_0294 copy
DSC_0334 copy
DSC_0340 copy
DSC_0363 copy

We passed lava fields covered in green moss, we drove through clouds and passed many small waterfalls.
Only to see so far the most beautiful thing I have ever seen ! I mean, I actually cried a little ! I let the pictures speak for themselves !
DSC_0401 copy
DSC_0399 copy
DSC_0400 copy
DSC_0445 copy
DSC_0459 copy
DSC_0474 copy
DSC_0017 copy
DSC_0006 copy
DSC_0007 copy
DSC_0008 copy

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