Packing for Asia

Well… As always, I am late. With literally everything! So I gave myself a full day for packing.
I did my research before and to be honest the most repetitive thing on all the websites and forums was ‘to take the smallest amount of clothes’. But I’m a giiiirl and it’s so haaard!
Anyway, the interesting things I found was for example ‘frisbee’. Why? Simple explanation – it has multi purposes.
1. You can seat on in on wet ground etc
2. You can use is as a cutting board
3. You can put it in your backpack in particular place that you want to make more stiff. As in harder to push or break.
4. And of course… You have frisbee!!!

I am very sad, because apparently when there is winter in Poland, you absolutely cannot purchase anything summer like…
So I replaced frisbee with sort of flexible, thin and light cutting board. It should have the same functions !
(Of course except the throwing : ()

Speaking of products absolutely impossible to get during the winter time (especially considering the fact – I was doing everything the last minute : /).
Mosquito repellent (according to ‘the people’ – it is better to buy it on arrival, because in European countries the ingredients are different and not so effective)
Sun protection – seriously, you should see the faces of every person in drug stores etc that I asked about it. Eyes the size of £2 coins! Finally got one, so I’m sorted at least for the first rays of sun after this winter craziness.
I didn’t even try to get any bikinis or summery clothing, as it’s obviously pointless and more pricy in here than in the places I’m going.

How to pack and not forget anything?
I have this system of a piece of paper, which I put out couple of days ago. And the rule is – whenever you think of something – you write it down under the particular section (I separate the page to couple of them, so it’s easier and less chaotic).
When it comes to clothing I have system of drawing ‘a person’, so going from top to bottom I won’t forget anything.

I am glad, that because of living abroad for such a long time and having to decide what to pack etc, I developed the sense of dismissing unnecessary luggage. (Although I’ve never packed for Asia, so it will be very soon verified).

I will now show you a little bit of my packing chaos.
Took me longer than I expected to be honest, but I think I’ve done well. I hope.





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