Dubai I

So far Dubai has been very intense!
For last couple of days I had so much going on! It’s all thanks to my lovely sister, who made sure we will experience the most and the best.
I would never be able to book and plan all of this!
And that’s why I have this little rule, which I use whenever I can – make sure you go to a place, where friend of yours lives, so they will show you what the locals do and skip the tourist bullshit. (Also I prefer expats living in places for some time already, because they can show me the differences in culture and how they see it from their point of view. With locals is strange, when something for them is completely normal and not worth introducing to you, but you feel like you’ve just discovered a whole new dimension and don’t understand why it wasn’t a first thing on your list to do! – bit twisted explanation, but I hope you all know what I mean)

Going back to the subject – which is Dubai. My first impressions were quite chilled out. I wasn’t very impressed with anything really. I don’t know why. It was with time that it got to me, that the buildings look like they’ve been built with LEGO, and they didn’t really look so tall at first because they are all huge and there was not much to compare them to. Now I see how new and massive everything is! And how hard it must have been to build them all on the desert!
I’m not gonna write much more, because I’ll put it all into one more thought through post, where I will combine all the feelings, impressions and experiences and will back ten up with pictures!

I’ll put couple of photos from my phone, so no judging, just basic stuff ; ) to give you a little taste how it looks like in here.

And for the record … Yes, still alive and kicking ; ) (pretty hard tho, because I actually kicked a camel : ( by mistake of course! No harm done ! They’re sooo cute btw ; ) )








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