Blogging while travelling, changes.

I know that people who actually go on this blog wanna hear about Vietnam ! As it’s definitely more exotic than Dubai !
I will be posting little notes about it for next days.
I am aware that I have promised to be posting every week on Thursday and from now on I will do whatever it is in my power to do so, but I need to quit writing such a long notes and putting so many pictures! I fucking love to talk! (everybody who’s ever met me knows ; ))
But it is impossible to keep it up, when travelling full time,
so I will post the little ones, some sort of teasers/trailers, and whenever I will have time, I will try to come back to the subject with more content and more pictures.
That’s my solution, not to be too far behind with this blog, but in some ways – still deliver : )
Enjoy !

Btw, I am in Thailand now and with no shame – I admit – I’ve treated myself with European breakfast. I’m not even sorry !!! (it actually cost an equivalent of £3 !)
And obviously I demolished it haha !


I even ate all the butter … unstoppable ! : D

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