Mekong Delta Part I

After I finally managed to book a Mekong Delta tour (I chose the cheapest that I could find, so I was pretty scared of what’s the catch).
I packed up my shit and left Saigon. (The truth is, I should’ve just left my shit in Saigon and take the most important stuff, but yet again … I’m still learning … )
I had 2 days to spend around Mekong Delta, which was at the top of my lists to do in Vietnam! (I just saw some beautiful pictures in one of the guides and kinda HAD TO go ; ))
Anyway, it’s south of Vietnam, where the Mekong river divides in many small ones, which created a region full of farming, floating markets and lots of crafts.

I’m not sure if there is much to say about it, as I’ll just upload the pictures and maybe write about them.
DSC_0222 copy

DSC_0228 copy

DSC_0231 copyView from our boat.

DSC_0250 copy

DSC_0251On one of the stop I’ve gotten to find out about all the sweet things you can do out of a coconut!!

I am a sucker for greens and jungle i general!
The palm trees get me excited !
So I’m sorry if at some point anybody will get bored of that !
DSC_0252 copyDSC_0263 copy DSC_0262 copyDSC_0265 copy

Also I found this little cemetery in the middle of this very Mekong jungle.
At one of the graves, somebody left money and put  stone over it, so it won’t fly away.
I suppose it’s for luck (?)

DSC_0257 copy

DSC_0271 copy

DSC_0269 copy

DSC_0270 copy

Nice break time at the boat : )
DSC_0272 copy

Just in case you were wondering how the Dragon Fruit grows … ; )
DSC_0279 copy

Next stop.
Very unhappy lady holding the bees !
And then I had a tea with this gorgeous honey !!! Yum !

You know, when sometimes you see a picture in a guide or online,
and you just imagine this place and HAVE TO go there and do it?
The next thing was this for me.
I saw a picture of those long boats in a guide and instantly decided I want and I will do it!
It was almost as beautiful as in the book, but maybe a little more crowded,
but well … you can’t have it all ; )

DSC_0286 copy

DSC_0302 copy

DSC_0306 copy

DSC_0305 copy

DSC_0314 copy

DSC_0319 copy

DSC_0323 copy

DSC_0332 copy

DSC_0326 copyCan you guess he was my fave? : )

DSC_0350 copy
back on the boat !

DSC_0343 copy

DSC_0371 copy

DSC_0355 copy

DSC_0379 copy

DSC_0376 copy

DSC_0391 copy
Broken? Naaaah … we can still use it, right? : D

DSC_0381 copy

DSC_0388 copyApproaching the bigger cities

DSC_0400 copy

DSC_0392 copy
And driving to my very interesting, as I’m about to find out, accommodation : )

To be continued …


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