Plane Crash


Over the course of last couple of months, there was unusual amount of plane crashes. It is on everybody’s mouth, especially after a day like today, when another jet fell down the sky.
Why is that?
What happened with ‘the safest way of transportation’?
I’ve got my own little theory about it.
I think the sky transport was such a new thing, that all the machines were new too,
everything was new and checked about billion times, to make sure it was working,
because it would raise so much fear of unknown.
But I think people have gotten lazy and too comfortable about the idea of flying.
We are so used to how safe it is to fly, that we don’t double check everything,
maybe the planes are not so well maintained, maybe the staff is not so well trained.
Also, the flights are getting cheaper and cheaper, and maybe the companies sacrifice the safety of it. Maybe the staff doesn’t learn that many of the emergency procedures because there is no time, no money?
I don’t know, and probably I never will.
The thing is, it is still THE SAFEST way to travel. And I am not scared.
And it might sound extremely strange, but I think I’d rather die in a plane crash – painless, than be left as a vegetable for the rest of my life, because of a car crash.
(And please do not think that I would ever take anything like death so lightly, but that’s just stupid young person’s talking!)

And because I most likely will have dozens of plane rides over next couple of months of my travels, I just want to say to maybe my family or my friends, please, do not worry, because of those things happen! Please don’t be scared, and don’t make me scared, ok ?
Let’s just hope for no more plane crashes for anybody !

Let’s all drive, fly, walk and float safely ! : )

And I’m saying goodnight, as tomorrow I’m catching a bus to Cambodia!

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