Vietnam. Mekong Delta Part II

At the end of the day, instead of going back to Saigon, I stayed in a home stay, because it was closer and it was part of the packet with the tour.

I’ve never slept at a home stay and it was indeed entertaining !
After going off the main road and driving another half an hour into the dark – the bus driver stopped just at a house where there was a massive techno party going! (the beats were so loud – I could feel my brain cells jump).
I got terrified that it was THE place, but couldn’t been more wrong, as from that point the whole group had to walk in a pitch black through some tiny concrete paths located in a bush with all of our backpacks on etc.

It took forever and all of the sudden we get those little kids showing us the way! As it turned out – the kids were our hosts and I swear, I’ve never met more clever and easy going 12-year olds !
Their English was fantastic and they were cute and funny!
The food was unreal and absolutely delicious!
I was kinda sad to be leaving the next day!
DSC_0424DSC_0436 copy

Vietnamese breakfast ! : )

DSC_0445 copyDSC_0444 copy

Path through the bush at 5.30 in the morning looked magical with the fog above the river ! : )
DSC_0456 copy
DSC_0462 copy

Second day of the Mekong tour was similar to the first one, but this time – we went to other parts of the Delta and the floating market.
Unfortunately – because of Tet (again) – the market was very small and we didn’t experience it to the fullest.
Interesting things about it: If you don’t know what it is that the particular boat was selling – there was a long stick with an actual product tucked at the front (or back) of the boat, so for example – if you were looking to buy some watermelons, just put your head up and look for one up in the air. I think it’s a clever way to solve this problem : )

DSC_0493 copy DSC_0474 copy DSC_0534 copy DSC_0547 copy

Also – what I observed was that all the houses around the river were super low. As in so close to the water and they were maybe maximum of a half a meter above the river level. Ok, but what if there will be a flood?
I got an answer pretty straight away – from one of the Vietnamese guys on the same trip. He said, that either the houses are floating when the water rises, or they just remove water afterwards and it dries out
I keep on being surprised of how different the culture is in SE Asia. I mean the engineering and attitude and slowly slowly – I will learn how fast and easy it is to get used to.

DSC_0605 copy DSC_0504 copy DSC_0501 copy DSC_0495 copy DSC_0481 copy DSC_0468 copy

Anyway, on the second day I saw how the rice is prepped into rice paper and noodles and all the beautiful Vietnamese food made from rice.

DSC_0585 copy DSC_0594 copy

Speaking of Vietnamese food … That beautiful day,  I ate a grilled frog and mouse.
The frog was kinda gummy tasting, but it was literally from a frog farm at the same place.
The mouse was from the rice paddies (as much as I was informed – these are the tastiest haha!)
Well, nice experience, but there was not much to eat from there, as both are super small animals, but I can thick it off my bucket list of weird things to eat ; )

DSC_0631 copy
The frog was actually from the frog farm just at the place where we ate it!
DSC_0625 copy

reminded me of pictures of Vietnam from Elliot Erwitt’s book I saw couple of years ago
DSC_0621 copy

Monkey bridge, that I explored the second of getting to the farm/restaurant! It was small, but super fun!
DSC_0618 copy

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