Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang was similar to Mui Ne, so learning on my previous experience, I only decided to stay there for one night.
I think it was enough.
I wasn’t really in a party mood, so not much of the night craziness, but I surely enjoyed my time by the seaside with a cold can of beer.
Also … something absolutely fantastic happened there !!!
I bought some cheese !!!! I spent fortune on it but who cares !
(Basically it is impossible to get cheese in Viet Nam, but since I was in a ‘Land of Russians’ – they had cheese at nearby supermarket !)
What else … Well, I’ve never been to states, but Nha Trang looked like a Vietnamese version of Miami.

DSC_0630 copy DSC_0634 copy DSC_0676 copy DSC_0672 copy DSC_0748 copy DSC_0639 copy DSC_0655 copy DSC_0751 copy DSC_0754 copy DSC_0648 copy
DSC_0712 copy DSC_0658 copy DSC_0717 copy DSC_0690 copy DSC_0698 copy DSC_0727 copy DSC_0730 copyDSC_0711 copy

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