Christmas in Oz

Santa with the palm trees instead of Christmas ones! 😱

I am not gonna lie, spending Christmas away from my family wasn’t easy. Especially considering the fact, that I’m quite new around here and I wasn’t sure if I will even have anyone to spend this time with.

I felt very down when I saw all the Facebook posts of my friends – you know – ‘driving home for Christmas’. At the same time I wasn’t in a holiday mood at all ! It was 30 degrees here and all the festive decorations looked a bit ridiculous to me. Oh well …
I wasn’t invited to anybody’s family Christmas, as I’m not that close with anybody, but I got to go and celebrate it with my friends that I knew from UK and their friends.

Interesting fact: in here if you don’t have anybody to spend Christmas with – you’re called an orphan. I’ve never heard of that before, so I don’t know, if that’s a thing in here or everywhere else ?

Boxing day I got to experience the real Aussie Christmas, which was basically drinks and barbecue! (it’s summer here now, so it’s extremely hot, so everybody’s just spending time outside, preferably by the water).
Funny fact: Australians say Barbie instead of barbecue (slang).
Anyway, it was a good one!
Thanks down under ! ; )

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