The New Year’s Resolutions 2016

New Years Resolutions.

First of all … I know it’s February, but let’s say January was a trial month,
and now I can see if I still wanna keep my resolutions!
Verdict? Definitely YES ! : )))
And also, everybody always says that it’s stupid and why would you wait for the beginning of a next year to actually make some changes in your life etc. etc. buuuuut as in our culture it’s a big thing – the new calendar year and we celebrate it with a bang and it marks another year not only in the calendar, but also in our lives, we like to start from there.
I think it’s a good thing to start fresh as the new year is arriving. Of course it’s not like we are changing our entire lives, but if we continue the little adjustments to live that we promised ourselves to keep – it’s nice to look at a big starting date/point, that is memorable etc. You know what I mean?
Oh, I’ve been working out for 3 weeks now. Or … I’ve attended the Spanish classes for a month and so on so on! : p

So what are mine?
I know you are not supposed to say them out loud, because it’s like bday wishes – you tell it to somebody and you jinx it and it won’t come true.
Or maybe it’s all about the fact, that when you’ll tell it to everyone – it’ll be more embarrassing if you won’t make it happen.
Well, I’m gonna do it anyway !

I don’t really have these strong ones like – I need to change my life, I need to start travelling, I need to get fit etc., because I try to be this kind of person on daily basis, buuuuut …
There are some other ones that I suppose I could call ‘the 2016 resolutions’

1. Swear less …
yep. I know. I need to swear less. I love it tho. It’s gonna be a hard one ; )

2. Learn to dive.
Whoever actually knows me – they know how weird my relationship with water is and how much I can panic sometimes, when my head goes under the water.
Last year was big. Because of the surfing, I am gradually getting rid of this fear, but it’s still a long way ahead of me and if I’m having a bad day – it gets worse.
Anyway, it could be good to push myself harder this year and maybe not completely, but to tame this fear to the point, that it won’t be interfering with my life. (especially considering the fact, that I live by the sea now!)

3. Speak less about myself, listen more.
Don’t we all have this one in our books? But I am a bad case. I am a bad listener. I looove talking and I love talking about myself even more. It is such a shitty character flow, but can be resolved! I need to teach myself how important is the listening. I swear to god, I love people and their stories, just need to make more space for them in my shitty self centred conversations!

4. Make a bucket list.
Can you believe I’ve never had one ?!
I had this one diary note from about 8 years ago about my new years resolutions and as surprising as it gets – I fulfilled 100% of them! But it involved tattoos and piercings and never anything super significant. So that is probably as close as I ever got to having an actual bucket list.
But I’ve done a lot of things I always wanted to do (especially last year), but I can’t cross it off any list, as one doesn’t exist.
And making one now and crossing my things off would be sort of cheating I suppose. At least in my head : p
So for the next week or maybe should I say couple of weeks I will try to put together a biiiig list of things I wanna do/places I wanna go in my life.
It won’t be just for this year!
It will be a general bucket list for life, that I will probably be adding loads of things to ! : )

5. Get more ink.
I have been planning on finishing my tattoos for years now. Let’s make this year a start of it! I am resurrecting my $2 can where I’ll be putting my change towards tattoos. It is expensive and especially considering the fact – I am forever broke and most of the money I have – I spend on going places, but maybe I will reach the moment of having enough to get more ink on my body. Sorry Mom! : *

6. Take more pictures.
I have noticed that over last few months I stopped getting my camera out of its bag. I started settling down for the iPhone pictures or no pictures at all (thinking to myself – you’re living it, you don’t need a picture!).
But I think it’s important to get it on a camera. You know – the moments, the beauty of it!
Some moments are impossible to capture, the feelings, the vibes, the people …
but why not try a little bit harder?
I am away from a lot of people that I love and I wanna share pieces of my life with them.
And everything around is so gorgeous ! The places, the views, the adventures, the people!
So 2016 is gonna be a ‘Camera on a daily basis’ year ; )

7. Replying to messages straight away.
That’s a big one actually …
Reason is simple. I read the messages, I forget to reply, or postpone it for a moment when I’ll have more time to sit down and write etc. etc.
No! Even if it’s little, I will try my hardest not to let my inbox be on fire with no returns, I promise ! I promise !
Especially when it comes to my friends around the globe and I will! I will try my hardest to be up to date with everything! And keep them all up to date too! : )

8. Draw more.
It’s kinda self explanatory … It is a great skill that comes in handy in multiple situations in life. But practice is the key! Lets do this ! ; )

9. Do a cartwheel.
Well … I’ve never in my life done one! Aaaaand … Before you’re gonna start laughing and judging, there is a story behind it !!! ; D
So this one time at school I had to do a hand stand and I fell on my face straight away (you know, in this embarrassing movie kind exaggerated style!)
And I have avoided any type of this kind of activities every since ! Hahaha … I’m sorry … But this is just the stupidest thing ever ; D

10. Cut my hair.
Excuse me … this is a serious matter …
Ask me to jump of a plane – I’ll do it,
Ask me to cut off my shitty dried and burned fake like hair and I will refuse forever !
So maybe I’ll keep this one for the end of a year ; )
When the hair will be long enough to chop it off a little … God, I’m a hopeless case haha !

11. Read more.
Reading is such a beautiful thing! And for so many reasons as well!
Not because I wanna share it on Facebook! (btw, my Kindle actually has that option after finishing a book! ‘Share it with friends on Facebook/Twitter etc.’ And maybe it could be good to share the good books we’ve read so other people would get their hands on them too, but I don’t think I’m there yet hahaha!)
Anyway – the are fantastic way to:

Practice your imagination! Your visionary skills (I don’t know if I’m using this word correctly), but what I mean is – to visualise something and joined with other skills such as drawing, further writing, photography could be a great way for us to develop more.

Information! It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel based in XVII century or a fantasy book, there is so much information that could be received from any type of literature, it’s amazing!
(That goes to my Mom – my hero, who has an ENORMOUS knowledge in multiple areas of expertise, because she’s read hundreds and hundreds of books in her life!)

And probably one of the most important things for me personally – reading expands your vocabulary. I live in two languages. On daily basis – my life happens in English – which is my second language and I will ALWAYS have things to learn! The words, the vocabulary, the academic vocabulary to things I know in Polish, but have no idea how to say in English. I struggle with it a lot. Let’s say for example – I used to love geology! I studied it a lot and had a lot of interest in it, but I know none of the geological words in English and when I actually want to have a conversation about it with my friends – I can’t because I keep on stuttering half way through and keep on repeating ‘oh, I know this word in Polish, let me just check it!’
And how are you supposed to keep a conversation, when every 3 minutes (if not more often) you have to google translate it?! Learning another language never stops! And books put fun to it for sure!
When it comes to my native language – Polish – it is as important as English in this case. I don’t speak Polish very often, – don’t get me wrong, I exchange emails and messages all the time, but there is not much of an academic vocabulary used in those.
And you need to keep your language fresh! It is already embarrassing when mid conversation I forget the word IN MY OWN LANGUAGE! Because I haven’t used it for months!
This is why it’s crucial for me to read Polish literature as well! And probably modern, so I could have a basic idea of what’s going on in my country (life/art/everything wise)
Soooo … the question is: which language do I read each book in?
I’ll try to go with maybe 1/3 scale 1 book in Polish per 2 books in English : )
(btw, if anybody has any recommendations – I’ll take it ; ))

12. Get new music on my ipod.
It has gotten to a point, when I get embarrassed when anyone even touched my ipod …
haha, I suppose listening to the same music as you have been in high school is kinda hmmm …
I don’t even know which word to use haha … And it’s time to get rid of Backstreet Boys from there too ! ; DDD

13. Charity.
I can’t believe that it has been years since I’ve actually actively taken part in any types of charity! I need to do something about it! There are loads of things in the world that you can do to help others without paying anything ! So I’ll probably start with giving blood and maybe get involved in some more permanent stuff.

14. Update this blog more often.
Self explanatory. No, but seriously …

15. Send more postcards.
I love postcards! I hardly ever get any. I need to send more of them to people who also like to get postcards : )

I suppose that’s about it …
Of course all of these are followed by the standard … getting a six pack, learning Spanish, getting a dream job and so on ; ))

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