Australia Day

Australia Day …

It was couple of days ago,
so let’s do some catching up!

Soooooo ….
It was my first Australia Day spent Down Under.
It is big here … it’s MASSIVE.
It’s like St.Patricks Day! Why am I comparing it to Irish?
Well, it feels that it’s definitely bigger than the St.Georges in England,
not even mentioning the Independence Day in Poland (we don’t really party that day)
so I though the est comparison would be the St.Patricks.
Anyway, it’s a national day off school/work etc., but everyone is going back to real life the next day, so it’s not going on in the evening,
it’s more like the day/afternoon drinking all day long sorta day.

I am not that much of a person, who is going out to clubs or pubs that much,
so Straya Day was a house party for me!

What’s happening …
I was confused at the beginning of how to dress, what to do ? (I’m well known for taking the dress ups one step too far!)
So just got blue top from op shop and painted an Aussie flag on my face! (nobody needs to know, I forgot about one of the stars on the flag ! : o ) Oh well, I’m still learning ! ; )

Probably the weirdest thing for me was the fact, that one of the very important parts of celebrating on the day,
is the Hottest One Hundred from Triple J radio.
Basically, all of the Australia is listening to one radio and is matching the times of the party to the ‘hottest 100’.
Anyway, that’s weird, it’s not like it’s everywhere, but as far as I’ve noticed – it’s a majority of the places.

Also, because it’s the middle of the summer – everybody’s partying outside, drinking, having fun in the pool with inflatables, playing drinking games, and all sorts of other games!
It is one big fuuuuun day, where the adults are getting together and just simply getting drunk,
and kids have fun day outside with all the drunken parents : D

I did enjoy it while it lasted ! ; )
(not so much the next day : o)

Soooo … Here’s to Australiaaaa !
(cheers with the Coopers/VB ; ))

And also – here’s a funny video, which pretty much sums up the young drunken Ozzies on the Australia Day!
Lots of booze and lots of swearing ; )

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