Fat Thursday.

Poland is a pretty traditional country.
Maybe not so much anymore, but there is a strong tradition regarding the Lent.
Is a period of 40 days, when you’re forbidden to eat any sweets or treats,
So just before starting the Lent we have a day to let our cravings take control.
It is called The Fat Thursday.
And according to the tradition – we eat plenty of Donuts that day!
Here, I’ll put some photos that I got from my family of their donuts in Poland,
and mine – here in Australia.
Enjoy the mouth watering for the next couple of minutes ; )




My Mom even took a photo with Donuts, fireplace and my favourite beer from home! <3

Australian Donuts ; ) (I’m not even sorry … Yes, I ate them both… Yes, felt like I got diabetes straight away ! : o … totally worth it ; ))

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