So last month was a really fucked up one! (Yes, I’m not supposed to swear anymore, but I need to this time)

It made me appreciate everything I have and people that surround me, it broke my heart on several occasions and made me miss my family even more.

When you decide to put at least a little bit of roots down in one place, your life stops being that much of a constant backpacker excitement and adventures and becomes something different. It comes with challenges of everyday obstacles (my favourite word of the month).

Whether it was tragedy, grief, fighting over your family in court, getting mentally threatened by psycho drug addict ex, illness, money.

Life is hard and it’s catching up with you.
Safe to say, I never wanna see anybody hurt, I wish I could be surrounded only by big smiles that don’t hide pain, love so powerful it can overcome all the bad emotions and have (even the worst type) of 90s music being played on the streets so I can just dance to it, like nobody’s watching!
And there is nothing better than a random phone call from a person from the other side of the world, when you’re feeling shit and helpless, who gives you the most beautiful smile and a little bit of Californian sun! <3
August, please, please, please, be good to me!
Be good to all of us!!!

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