Dog Sledding in Tromsø

Being in Arctic Norway and not experiencing the dog sledding is almost a crime!
We were there only super short and had to choose between reindeer sledding and dog sledding.

We chose the latter.

Also there were two types of sledding available in Tromsø.

One – with the musher, while you sit in sledges with another person.

Two – you are the musher and steer the dogs and sledges, while the other person sits in sledges (you can swap half way through)

It was a big dilemma, as I personally love experiencing things to the fullest!

So I was really tempted to go for the second option.


A. I was not sure how hard it’s gonna be physically (I haven’t exercised for a while and it was after Christmas period, so I was in a shape of a rolling potato … literally! 😂)

B. I’ve never been dog sledding, so I had no idea what to expect – regarding the dogs, the route etc.

C. I was with my Mum and we weren’t sure if we won’t kill each other considering our lack of mushing skills 😂

D. We were physically exhausted. Night chasing northern lights, non stop driving around and also … trust me – putting that many layers of warm clothing couple of times a day can consume quite large amounts of your energy! 😱

So after a brief discussion we decided to go for the comfortable option and just sit our asses in the sledges while an experienced musher is doing all the steering.

It was a great decision!

We went with a company called Villmarkssenter.
The bus picked us up from Tromsø and we went to the neighbourhood island.

Before anything started we were given big warm jumpsuits.

Whoever knows me – they know I’m always cold! So I just took a slightly bigger one and I put the jumpsuit on top of my already about hundred layers of winter clothes!

Mumsy decided to just go with jumpsuit over her therma wear.

We were also given massive winter boots, so safe to say we did not get cold 😂
And then the best part started. We went out in the open – we were assigned a guide – and we got to meet the dogs.

And let me tell you, they are the cutest and happiest doggos ever!!!

They are so well taken care of and they love running with sledges so much!

One of the huskies was so keen he was howling

because he wasn’t part of the sledges that day.

We played with the dogs for good over an hour and trust me! It wasn’t enough!

We got to play with puppies too!!

Let me just show you the pictures!
Next we moved on to the actual sledding.

I can’t possibly describe how beautiful of an experience it was!

The dogs, the views, the sunset, the fjords, holly hell, it was incredible!!!
I’m just gonna let the pictures speak for themselves: )
Last bit of the adventure after the sledding was a hot dinner in tipis.

It was a reindeer stew freshly cooked!

And hot coffee – brewed over a bonfire.

It was heaven!!! 😍

I was very sad for it to end! 😔
But we had another adventure lined up, so we had to hurry up : )

What was the adventure? Read here:
I know how the sledding looks like now and I would hundred percent try the one when I would be the musher.

But I guess that will be another reason to go to Tromsø again!

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