Fear of flying

Its so funny how when I was at university- I would fly all the time (as I was studying in UK, and I’d go home to Poland for a weekend quite often). Back then I was not scared of turbulences, sketchy take offs and landings. I was like “hell yea, if I’m gonna die, that’s the best way to go!” And stuff like this! 

I was not scared of dying. 

Fast forward 5-10 years and I get anxious when the plane makes any sudden moves and shakes, makes weird sounds etc. 

The difference is that I don’t wanna die. There is this thought in my head “shit! No! Not yet! My life is so perfect! I’ve got so many places to go! So many memories to make, please not now!” 

Does this mean I’m happy? 

Or I’m just growing up… 

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