The most dangerous animal in Australia

Before coming to Australia I have heard all sorts of stories about snakes and spiders.

The most common one is of course – snake crawling out of a toilet and biting your ass when you pee!

Or a spider size of an apple crawling into your bed at night.

While these things are semi true, the real danger at this time of a year is not what you’d expect…

it’s not spiders, snakes or even deadly jellyfish ….

it’s freaking Magpies!!!

Yes, that’s correct! It’s a swooping season! :o

It might sound very strange and lame that the Australians are most afraid of a bird… a medium size BIRD, but let me show you couple of videos to back up my story!

Magpies attack:





People who are too happy with their lives!

Ways of preventing a Magpie attack:

Never leave your house… like ever!

If you live your house make sure you spend time indoors … like 100% of the time! Not taking chances!

But the most popular is the highly advanced technology that has been developed for centuries – which is the helmet & cable ties combo!

And since it’s this time of the year – here’s some Halloween inspo :D

(But Australians actually hate Halloween … oh well .. says me in the middle of carving a baby pumpkin… )

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