30 things for 30th birthday. Part I. Amazing things I’ve done in my life.

I turned 30 years old not that long ago. For that occasion I’ve decided to do a three part series: 30 things for my 30th birthday.
I hope I will read it in some years time and I can smile and feel good about my life :)


1. Sailed the Atlantic – two months filled with adventures. Europe to Caribbean

2. Moved to another continent

3. Fluently learned another language

4. Surfed in Australia

5. Got published (writing)

6. Got published (photography)

7. Learned to play 3 instruments. Cheers for those 5 years of music school! 🙏🏽 and YouTube 😉

8. Saved someone’s life – hey Karma! Please remember that? 🤔😁

9. Performed in front of hundreds of people

10. Hitch hiked through Europe

11. Travelled solo on another continent

12. Smoked weed with police officer on duty (Croatia)

13. Stopped trains in England – that was a funny one! I held entire train traffic in West Midlands

14. Broke the ‘in case of emergency’ glass… and then showed a middle finger to the security guy …🤦🏼‍♀️

15. Got a degree

16. Got a masters degree

17. Taught a class

18. Was in national tv

19. Did yoga in Bali

20. Had sex in a public place (sorry Mum 😉)

21. Crowd surfed at the biggest open air festival in Europe

22. Broke a bone – many of them

23. Got a tattoo

24. Got stitches – in the middle of a jungle on an Indonesian island

25. Rode in the back of a police car – managed to spill my beer there as well 😆

26. Danced on the bar

27. Had my own personal exhibition with my photography work 🎉

28. Seen somebody die in front of me – this one is gonna be imprinted in my head for the rest of my life

29. Did a multi day hike on my own – yay Iceland! 😍

30. Got interviewed for a magazine – about me and my work! 🎉

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