Eggcellent – WUFAB 1

I realised a very important thing recently…

I have a weird obsession about boiled eggs.

Like you know – if there was an apocalypse and everyone would be looking for their favourite sweets to eat for the last time – I’d probably decide to boil an egg.

Whenever I know I don’t have time to make my poached eggs in the morning, I just boil them and eat it in the car.

There – Weird Useless Fact About Maggie #1

(I’m only writing this, hoping that if I die one day, and people will run out of funny things to say at my funeral – they just randomly can throw in the boiled eggs anecdote and we can all agree I was a weirdo! And that would be a pretty great send off I recon 🤔😁)

Also – eggs and ocean? Best combo! My hand is so deformed here! Adds to the story 😂😎

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