So I have a draft of this huge post for International Women’s Day, I’ve been prepping for a while. This subject is so dear to me.

But for now, I’m gonna post this instead. A picture of three girls – somewhere on an Indonesian island, where the people have never seen a white woman, let alone white blonde woman.

That we drove through couple of Indo islands on our scooters with our surfboards. That we laughed and cried together. I have scars on my body reminding me until this day how amazing this felt. It was us – women – being great fearless and adventurous, but mostly a team – supportive of each other and always having each other’s back!

I have so many friendships and stories like this.

But today I am too busy living life with incredible women surrounding me, so I will talk about it some other day!

Girls supporting girls is one of the most beautiful things!

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