Burning Man prep

Ok, so I have seriously gone bonkers!

This whole Burning Man prep is stressing me out.

Have I camped on the desert? Yes. For over a week? No.

Trying to plan everything and complete all the gear is challenging, especially that I’ve only ever prepped for hiking trips etc, not a week of biking, art, music and whatever else will be happening there 😉

I think the most challenging part is the luggage limit! Because of flying across Pacific, There’s the luggage weight and size and it becomes logistically harder! The gear is ordered and waiting in SF, but I couldn’t try it out, put the tent up, try the mattress etc! It would be so much easier if it was here in Australia, or even Europe, where I can collect little things, build the whole tent set up, shelves etc and use the stuff I have here! So for absolutely no reason, I’m somehow stressed about it! And it’s all scary after people talk about dust, cold, wind, and all sorts of shit!

In reality all the gear is ready, food, clothes, pretty much everything! (Just finishing on some siiick crafts still 😎) so I have no idea why it’s making me so anxious!

Also, we are going to the playa* earlier, to pick up the art car and build the camp! So we are gonna be spending more time in the harsh conditions, but I also sooooo cannot wait to bike around, when there are no people yet!

And seriously… I don’t even know why I’m stressing so much! It’s not that I’m scared of the weather conditions etc! Like, it’s just a week and there are literally 80 thousand other people there 😂

Here’s a picture of how it looks now 😳

*name of the place where BM actually happens

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