So here’s the thing. Recently I’ve put on weight, my skin is pretty shit and my body is not behaving the best. And normally it would totally freak me out. But my head is great. I’m soooo good mentally right now. I love and I’m being loved, I’ve been adventuring so much and just being happy and grateful for everything!

And it’s so weird how for the past 2 years I’ve been living in this constant stress and anxiety and I lost all my hair, all that weight and would freak out about so many things.

I’m not saying, it’s gonna stay like this.

I’m saying it’s just me enjoying the moment and looking forward to enjoying more of them, when I’ll be back home taking care of my body because my head is so happy!

I will most likely sleep for like a month after all the craziness of past weeks!

Although I know for a fact, there will be no time for sleeping, because I already have all my weekends planned and unless someone will come up with a pill that turns 5hrs of sleep into 8, I won’t get proper rest until Christmas 😂

This post is for myself when I won’t be feeling like this anymore, so I can come back to it, read it and hopefully stay super stress free and positive!

Regarding this space…

I am half way done with the article about Burning Man,

The article about NYC

and there will be a lot of YouTube videos coming from me until the rest of this year!

And my big big life project will be running too! And my excitement levels are beyond measure!

So I’ve got so much to keep me restless and occupied and this year has been so amazing.

I know I’m mumbling and it makes no sense, but I know I’ll read this soon and besides being embarrassed, I’ll get motivated 🤔😊

(Side note, it’s 2 am and I’m writing this, because I haven’t been just on my own in like a month and it’s my only phone time for longer than 5 min 😂

Also, I’m slightly tipsy and maybe it’s definitely time to go to bed 😂)

Oh yea… and I’m in NYC, so here’s a pic 😎

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