Travel dynamic

Yesterday I hit a wall. You know when you’re spending 24/7 with someone and it’s the travelling and at some point it just becomes too much?

I’ve developed this specific dynamic, that I need to see and do everything, because I’m not sure when’s the next time or if there even will be a next time for me to do things, that I get just so intense,

Yet, I actually very much enjoy strolling around the streets just to feel the city etc.

It’s hard to explain, but I quite often travel by myself and it just works for me, not necessarily someone else.

So yes, went exploring San Francisco a bit yesterday on my own and will continue doing it today. But I wanna see all the touristy bits and get excited about it for the first time! 😊

So I’m the awkward tall blonde with a big ass camera roaming around SF and snapping my life away today! 😂 if you bump into me, feed me coffee and snacks 😂

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