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Dog Sledding in Tromsø

Being in Arctic Norway and not experiencing the dog sledding is almost a crime! We were there only super short and had to choose between reindeer sledding and dog sledding. We chose the latter. Also there were two types of sledding available in Tromsø. One […]

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Iceland Roadtrip Part II

Vik turned out to be super green and sunny next day when we woke up, so we went for a little walk to the ‘black beach’ again. Because girls only had one day left in Iceland, we had to be back to Reykjavik that day. […]

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Iceland Days 1-2

As you see – the ‘couple of days’ have taken me much more than I expected ! A lot of things have been going on recently, so I do apologise for fake promises (and I’m pretty much apologising myself, as I don’t think anybody reads […]

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Catching up soon!

I have so many beautiful photographs from Iceland! It is simply one of the most breath taking places I have ever been!!! I will gradually post them in here for next couple of days. Keep your eyes peeled, as it’s gonna be worth it ; […]

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Iceland – Laugavegurinn

So … The Iceland thingy is slowly falling into place. I am staying in Reykjavik for one night, then I am traveling around with my Canadians for the weekend, and then … Exactly. I have decided (I don’t know which dates exactly just yet) but […]


Easter in Poland.

Sooo … Easter. I had like a super boring post about Polish traditional Easter, but instead I’ll just post some pictures. The things you need to know ? In Poland – Easter is a great opportunity to prepare more food that anyone is capable of […]

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I’m back home. It’s always horrible to come back to reality after a family holiday. There is no time to waste tho! I wanted to take pictures of Birmingham from the plane, but the clouds were so thick it was almost impossible! Next time I […]

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From the above

Soooo, I never really thought about it, but every city looks so much different from above. That’s why I’m totally starting a new tradition. I’m gonna take pictures when landing anywhere and I’ll post it here! Even if it might be boring for those of […]

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Walk Off The Earth

it’s not really related to traveling at all, but I’m going to a concert tomorrow, and it’s such an amazing band, that I need to share ! : ) I discovered them like 2 years ago, just when they did the cover (video that I […]

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