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Hoi An. Vietnam

Hoi An was advertised to my all the people I met on my way as the best city in Viet Nam, so it was one of the must see on my list ! Although by that time I kinda felt very comfortable with all the […]


Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang was similar to Mui Ne, so learning on my previous experience, I only decided to stay there for one night. I think it was enough. I wasn’t really in a party mood, so not much of the night craziness, but I surely enjoyed […]

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Mui Ne

Mui Ne was one of the biggest disappointments of Vietnam. It was recommended to me by so many people! I got super stoked and excited to be going there. And as it turns out – the best part of that was the swimming pool in […]

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Mekong Delta Part I

After I finally managed to book a Mekong Delta tour (I chose the cheapest that I could find, so I was pretty scared of what’s the catch). I packed up my shit and left Saigon. (The truth is, I should’ve just left my shit in […]

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Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, used to known as Saigon.
Ok, the fact, that I travelled from Dubai straight to Vietnam might have helped with the exaggeration of how I perceived it.

I went from 50 stores buildings to falling apart little houses! And it is a shock for me!
I am so glad, that Saigon was my ‘introduction’ to Vietnam, as

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Saigon The Intro

It’s Thursday and it’s the post day. Unfortunately the Internet in Vietnam is not cooperating with my computer, and there will be a delay in this department! It is already middle of the night in here, so the first time I’m doing tomorrow is rolling […]

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Yes, I am still alive! Finishing the Dubai post and already prepping the Intro to Vietnam! I am currently in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), but have no access to Internet from my computer, so it might take a while. In the meantime … […]

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