Airport attireΒ 

Learning from my own mistakes, this time I decided to wear warm clothes for my airplane adventures!  The problem is – I might have miscalculated the amount of pink/purple colours πŸ˜‚ ; D oh well… Anyway, this is gonna be the longest flight that I […]

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Airport Diaries I

So… The big day has come! I’m flying to Europe for the first time in almost 14 months!!!  Ok, but how do I prepare for a 26h plane journey ? 😱 I made this video the last time I was flying somewhere,  So I thought […]

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Fat Thursday.

Poland is a pretty traditional country. Maybe not so much anymore, but there is a strong tradition regarding the Lent. Is a period of 40 days, when you’re forbidden to eat any sweets or treats, So just before starting the Lent we have a day […]

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First Day of AutumnΒ 

it is still kinda abstract for me, that my summer is finishing at the end of February, as this would normally be winter, but I have been in Australia throughout the whole Summer season and I absolutely loved it!  Unfortunately the summer is over and […]

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Australia Day

Australia Day … It was couple of days ago, so let’s do some catching up! Soooooo …. It was my first Australia Day spent Down Under. It is big here … it’s MASSIVE. It’s like St.Patricks Day! Why am I comparing it to Irish? Well, […]

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Hoi An. Vietnam

Hoi An was advertised to my all the people I met on my way as the best city in Viet Nam, so it was one of the must see on my list ! Although by that time I kinda felt very comfortable with all the […]


Photo of the Day

Here’s a photo of a lightning that went through the Gold Coast yesterday! It wasn’t as big as the one that happened day before, but I couldn’t get to the previous one! A: sorry that it’s blurry, tripod could come handy if I had one […]

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Christmas in Oz

Β  Santa with the palm trees instead of Christmas ones! 😱 I am not gonna lie, spending Christmas away from my family wasn’t easy. Especially considering the fact, that I’m quite new around here and I wasn’t sure if I will even have anyone to […]

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